Living Room

Fall Living Room

As the days grow shorter,  I wanted to start adding easy seasonal touches, and I always tend to start in my living room. This year I wanted to start by setting the tone with a color pallet that would infuse my light and airy living room with richness and warmth.

Bringing in Deeper Hues

My living room has always been a light and airy space. However, with the new season in mind, I decided to experiment with slightly darker tones without sacrificing the essence of the room. Enter throw pillows! I always say throw pillows are one of those versatile items that can instantly transform a space. The subtle shift from lighter shades to rich, earthy colors like forest green and warm browns instantly set the fall mood.

The Velvet Elegance

One of my favorite elements in this refresh was the addition of my velvet green ottomans. These lush, forest-green gems had been tucked away, waiting for their time to shine. With the darker tones of the throw pillows, the ottomans found their perfect place. The velvety texture not only felt lux but also invited relaxation and comfort.

Harmonizing Fall and Winter

I have to say what I love most about this update is it’s versatility. As the seasons continue to change, the deeper toned textiles will effortlessly transition into the winter months. I can easily see these throw pillows playing beautifully with twinkling lights and festive holiday decor.

In the End…

This simple update is a reminder that a touch of change can create a world of a difference!

Your friend,


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