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The living room is definitely where we spend the most quality time. Staying true to my heart I like keeping this space light and airy while maintaining a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for all of us to hang out in. Textures and fabrics are the name of the game here. The throw pillows and blankets are changed out seasonly, and the leather sofa add a richness to the space that I can’t get enough of. Styling my coffee table and mantle are two of my favorite places to change up in the house. Make sure you check out my other posts for my styling tips!

This is the perfect view from the living room. You can get a sense for the added textures and the warm inviting neutrals. I also love the added greenery to give the room some life.

Pro Tip: Keep your coffee table balanced, vary the scale of your items and stack or group like objects together.

Wall color: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

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Plinth Table
Coffee Table
Side Table
Calabria Table Lamp
Catalina Mudcloth Round Ottoman
Clarkdale Channel Tufted Ottoman
Odhran Sofa
Blue Papier-Mache Shadow Box Wall Decor Memorial Day HUJI Blue Papier-Mache Shadow Box Wall Decor
Teagan Area Rug
Alvarado Mirror
93″ Artificial Olive Tree
Adalley C Table Polished White Marble
Maple Artificial Tree
The Westwood Collection Modern Style Elm Wood Top Buffet with Steel Frame
Open Book Display
Crystal Candle Dish
Sting Tray
Arnette Terracotta Vase
Reversible Plaid Decorative Square Throw Pillow, 20″ x 20″
Demetria Terracotta Vase
Patterned Oblong Decorative Throw Pillow, 14″ x 24”
Lucas Beige Ombre 22″ x 22″ Pillow by Dave & Jenny Marrs
Lumbar Earthy Brown Wool Pillow Cover
Wood Ball Object
Orion Handcrafted Terracotta Bowl
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